Bella is generally such a gentle and inquisitive little girl, although her cheeky side is never hidden far away. She loves going on long walks and experiencing new sights and smells, and she gets super excited when people stop and give her fuss.

But I’ve always been a bit worried about how she’d be when she first encountered a cat close-up or off lead. I know she hasn’t got an ounce of aggression in her, but if her natural instinct to chase kicked in, she’d more than likely end up with some nasty scratches and dented pride!

She’s seen cats in the street and is really interested, but as they generally (and unsurprisingly) run off at the sight of a big bouncy lab, she’s never had the chance to say hi.

One evening last week we were on our usual stroll around the village when a little black cat came out to say hello. He is either used to dogs or just really friendly and he couldn’t wait to come over to meet us.




Bella was brilliant, to start with she was a little cautious as she went to say hello, but as soon as they met, they wouldn’t leave each other alone. This little cat kept rolling around the floor and nuzzling into Bella, she had definitely made a friend and they both just wanted to play.

In fact, the cat followed us for most of the walk which Bella loved, and after another 15 minutes of fussing round each other I had to split up the new companions so that we could get home – I just wish I’d got some better photos.


Cats and Dogs

Bella was beaming as she began to trot home, probably thinking about her new pal, could this walk have been any more exciting? Well, for Bella, the answer is yes! We got half way home and the heavens opened. As we found ourselves getting battered by the torrential downpour, Bella was in her element. What was just intended to be quite a normal walk turned into a real adventure – there were puddles appearing everywhere, and of course each one has to be splashed in at least once.

So, as I trudged home like looking like a drowned rat, Bella bounced home full of excitement, fueled by the fact that she knew her third adventure was coming as soon as we got home – getting a ‘rub-a-dub-dub’ – or in human talk, getting dried. Rolling around on the floor with a towel is almost as exciting as getting drenched in the first place in Bella’s world.

Just seeing the adorable expressions of happiness and excitement in her little face is enough to make anyone’s day and to remind you how to appreciate and embrace every experience with a smile on your face and a wag in your tail – there are much worse things going on in the world than some of the third world problems we waste too much time worrying about!


Cats and Dogs

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