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As a nation of dog lovers, the old adage, ‘Dogs are a man’s best friend’, rings true with so many of us.  We simply wouldn’t be without our four-legged companions and the unconditional love they bring to our lives.

So, for Christmas I was thrilled to be given a new book; Judy, A Dog in a Million, by Damien Lewis; number-one best-selling author.  An extraordinary story of Judy, an English Pointer who was the only official animal prisoner of war during WWII.

Had it not have been for the distraction of family festivities I wouldn’t have been able to prise the book from my clutches until the very last page.

Nevertheless, I seized every moment available between turkey dinner and obligatory charades to follow Judy and her fellow servicemen through their courageous journey together, until I reached the very end of her inspirational story.

And I have to say, this was the best, most moving book I have read in a very long time, if not ever!

World’s Most Heroic Dog

This incredibly heart-warming true story demonstrates that Judy truly was the best friend, loyal protector and fearless companion of so many servicemen during WWII.

Her valiant actions, unfathomable intelligence and maternal nature not only raised spirits in the most terrifying of circumstances, but also saved countless lives.

Judy started life as a run-away puppy with an inquisitive streak, but soon settled into her role as Mascot of the Royal Navy gunboats the Gnat and the Grasshopper in pre-war China. 

Before long, WWII broke out, and her adventures turned into a harrowing tale of survival, heroic rescues, indestructible resilience and unbreakable love and loyalty between Judy and her fellow servicemen.

The bond between Judy and Frank Williams, her chosen master was everlasting, and evidently proved the saving grace for so many of their extended family.

This is a definite must-read for all dog lovers.  The well-researched and excellently represented story centres around the life of Judy, from her pre-war beginnings, throughout her existence as a POW, whilst giving a clear account of the brutal life so many servicemen endured as Japanese Prisoners of War, and how Judy enabled them to endure such terrible suffering.

Damien Lewis, Number One Best-Selling Author

We asked Damien Lewis to comment on his heart-warming story.

“Being able to tell Judy’s story was an enormous privilege and an honour, and especially in getting to speak to the last surviving WWII veteran who shared her incredible POW camp adventures, Rouse Voisey (still alive and with us, at ninety-seven years of age). I’m thrilled the book is being developed as a movie, so hopefully coming to the big screen sometime soon. Lest we forget.”

Read Judy’s Story Today

The perfect tribute to an extraordinary heroine who saved so many lives whilst enduring relentless suffering.  Judy certainly was man’s best friend to the very end.

So, grab yourself a copy of Judy’s story and learn how one run-away puppy served to become a dog in a million.

Judy, A Dog in a Million - Damien Lewis
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