Now it’s important to remember that all dogs are different, and some may have allergies to foods that others don’t.  So make sure you know what is safe human food for dogs. If you’re thinking of adding to its diet, always check with your vet first.

Nothing is going to contain the right balance of nutrients and vitamins more than actual dog food which is manufactured specifically to meet the needs of our canine friends.  There are some foods that are poorer quality and some which are great. There are loads of reviews you can read online to help you find the right dog food.

Sometimes we want to treat our pooches to something a little bit different, so here is what we give Bella as a special treat every now and then.


Known to support the condition of the skin and coat and to promote healthy joints, salmon is definitely one of her favourites.  As with any fish though it’s crucial to make sure it is fresh and doesn’t contain any bones, it also needs to be cooked thoroughly to kill off any harmful bacteria.  Whenever we have salmon for tea we just bung in an extra portion for Bella and she loves it!


Great for cleaning teeth and a much healthier alternative to some doggy snacks.  We started off giving her smaller chunks so she could get used to the texture but now she safely munches on a whole carrot around twice a week.  I always clean and peel them first to get rid of any nasty chemicals.


Although personally I can’t stand the smell of it cooking, Bella will do anything for a chunk of liver.  In moderation, this nutritious snack can be highly beneficial for your pup. We tend to keep the portions small as liver is loaded with vitamin A, and whilst good in small doses, too much can be harmful.


In small amounts this is another low calorie, low fat, refreshing snack that Bella loves.  The seeds are poisonous though due to their cyanide content, so I always make sure she can’t get hold of the core.  Apples are not recommended for dogs with kidney troubles.

Human Food for Dogs


Boneless and skinless, cooked chicken is a great tasty addition to your dog’s meal, and you can use the water from boiled chicken as gravy.  Or kept in the fridge we use chunks of chicken as training treats or added to her Kong.  Be careful if you’re buying pre-cooked chicken as often it will be full of salt and preservatives that are no good for your dog.  Freshly cooked, unseasoned is best.


Another refreshing treat that Bella loves, particularly on a hot day.  Again, great in small doses, she tends to have an inch slice once or twice a week and she loves it!

Human Food for Dogs

Honeydew Melon

I always save an inch chunk of melon for Bella when we’re having some.  It’s a great way to get some extra nutrients into her diet.  But remember, fruit contains a lot of fibre, and too much can upset their tummies, so don’t overdo it.   The seeds can be toxic too, so make sure they can’t get hold of them.


We can’t have a banana without Bella having a bite.  This is another way to get some healthy variety in her diet, and she loves it mashed up in her Kong.

Banana for Dogs


Whenever Bella has Salmon for tea I add a handful of cooked peas and a handful of kibble to make sure she is getting a good balance.  She loves chasing the peas round her bowl and it slows her eating down too.  Great for a greedy lab.

Whenever you plan to introduce something new to your dog’s diet, it’s best to check with your vet first. There are so many human foods that are toxic for dogs, so it’s really important to know what you can and can’t feed your pup.

It can be really hard to resist those puppy-dog eyes, so if you are adding treats to your dogs diet, it’s best to reduce the amount you feed them at meal times to compensate so they are not getting overfed.

Foods that are Toxic to Dogs

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