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We are excited to add a brand-new category to our website that we know you and your dogs will love!

Paws and Play Paddock

The new ‘Enclosed Dog Walking Facilities’ category will promote enclosed areas for you to walk your dogs across the UK – and there are tons of them who can’t wait for you to visit.  We will be adding more and more listings to the website over the coming weeks.

Safe places to walk dogs

All dogs love to let off steam as much as possible whether they’re on their own or with other furry friends. So, we’ve looked into why enclosed dog walking areas can be so beneficial for both owner and dog.

The Benefits of Secure Dog Walking Areas:

  • It’s a great way for your dogs to get exercise whilst enjoying the complete freedom that enclosed spaces provide.  Just imagine how much fun your dog will have zooming around without having to worry about traffic, cyclists or pedestrians.
Secure Places to Walk Dog
  • Recall training is really important, and sets boundaries between you and your dog, meaning that walks can be much more fun for both of you.  But the training has to start somewhere, and what better place than in a privately hired, fenced-off facility where you and your dog have exclusive access to practice recall without any distractions.
Secure Dog Walks
  • If you are a new dog owner and you need to develop your own confidence with your off-lead dog, this is a great way for you to both bond and learn to communicate effectively in a secure area.
Secure Dog Walking Fields
  • Adopting a rescue dog is such a rewarding commitment, but often they need a little more help to settle into their new life.  Sadly, some rescue dogs have had difficult starts to their lives and may be nervous or even aggressive towards other dogs.  Having a fenced-off area for them to play, explore and train in can be exactly what they need to build their trust and confidence.
Enclosed Dog Walking Paddocks
  • Many enclosed dog walking spaces also offer additional facilities.  You may want to do some agility training with your dog, or you might want to join in a group session.  Great for socialising your dog, and they’ll have loads of fun.
Enclosed Paddocks
  • If you live in a city, it can be hard to find somewhere to take your dog for some off-lead exercise.  So, it’s great to be able to hire a large outdoor area for you both to enjoy.
Gorgeous Pugs Dog Walk

Paws and Play Paddock – Nottinghamshire

We caught up with Wendy who runs Paws and Play Paddock in Nottinghamshire, a dedicated, enclosed paddock that dog owners can hire out to exercise their dogs.

“We started Paws and Play Paddock initially because one of our dogs had an experience during her crucial early development stages that led to her becoming quite reactive.  So, to provide her with the extra support and space she needed to build her own confidence, we developed our land into a fenced off paddock.

After seeing the huge benefits that the enclosed space provided, we decided to open up the paddock to other dog owners.

Since then Paws and Play Paddock has gone from strength to strength.  We welcome lots of regular and new visitors who hire the paddock exclusively or in groups.  We also run social events on the weekends for up to eight dogs at a time; a great way for dogs to socialise and play with other dogs in an enclosed setting. 

We also have a Flyball team who use our facilities, and host new owner meetings and socials for Babworth Animal Rescue Kennels.

Our paddock has everything your dog could need, including water bowls, paddling pools in hot weather, additional items such as tunnels, logs, weaving poles, toys and poo bags, as well as a seating area for owners to relax in. We are also planning to add in a sensory area with dog friendly herbs and grasses soon.

Visitors are welcome to bring their own training or agility equipment along too, and we have a lock-up for items to be safely stored in-between visits.

We love seeing all the dogs (and owners) having so much fun in the safety of our enclosed facility, and we’re looking forward to welcoming even more visitors in 2019.”

Paws and Play Paddock – Price List

  • Social Events (Saturday and Sunday – up to 8 dogs) – £2 per dog
  • Exclusive Paddock Hire   – 1 hour – £8 (up to 3 dogs, or £1 per extra dog)
  • 30 minutes – £5 (up to 3 dogs or £1 per extra dog)
  • Single dog discount, 1 hour – £6
  • Single dog discount, 30 minutes – £4

So next time you’re looking for somewhere new for you and your dog to enjoy, consider hiring out an enclosed paddock.  For just a small charge you can have endless fun with the peace of mind that your dog is safe from distractions and dangers.  You can even get a group of you together, a great, cost-effective way for your dog to get some social interaction whilst burning off energy in a safe environment.

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  1. Caroline birmingham 22nd May 2020 at 1:57 pm

    Hi we have two staffies one is Rottweiler cross. She is beautiful how ever she is very distracted by the outside world. And can be anxious so we are looking to find a nice little place we can exersize them where I too also can feel at eas.

    1. The Canine Directory 27th May 2020 at 9:38 am

      Hi Caroline, hope you are well and thank you for contacting us at The Canine directory.

      I have added a link to our page for ‘enclosed dog walking fields’. If you follow the link and enter your postcode and search it will show what businesses we have listed near you.

      Feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions, thanks.

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