The saying ‘dogs are a man’s best friend’  has been around for centuries, simply because it’s true. Over the eras our relationship has evolved, from working together to hunt prey, into the domestic companionship we enjoy today.  And now, around a quarter of UK households share their homes and lives with these beloved pets.

Welcoming a dog into your lives can be the best thing you ever do, but it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.  Dogs are pack animals and need a lot of love, companionship, exercise and care.  Not to mention the financial commitment to provide food, bedding, toys, treats, insurance and veterinary care.

But once you welcome a pup into your family, you will be glad you did. The Canine Directory looks at why having a dog in your family can be your best decision ever!

1. You’ll be best friends

This might sound odd to people who are not dog lovers, but when you spend your spare time together walking, jogging and chilling on the sofa, you build a special bond that cannot be broken.


2. Dogs make a house a home

I used to be a bit of a ‘clean-freak’, and while Bella (my Lab) is generally clean and bathed most weeks, she does malt and leave bits of chewed up toys around the house. But I wouldn’t change her for the world. So, my house isn’t as clinical as it once was, but it is warm and welcoming and full of fun!


Dog House

3. Dogs Ooze Happiness

Dogs have a wonderful ability to make people happy – all of the time. If you’re having a sad day, they will be the first to cheer you up. And when you come home from work or shopping you are greeted by a fluffy, wagging ball of excitement. What could be better than that?


Jumping Dog

4. Unconditional love

As their owners we become their pack and they will love us unconditionally. They are the most loyal companion you could have, and they don’t care about material things, as long as they’ve got you, they’re super happy! There’s nothing better than a great big, slobbery kiss from your pooch to remind you just how loved you are.


Cuddly dog

5. Exercise Buddy

Having a dog means you have to go out for a walk regularly. This is great to make sure you are getting the exercise you need. And there is nothing more refreshing than a stroll in the country with your pooch.


Dog Walk

6. They do the funniest things

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that dogs don’t speak our language, and often handle things differently than we do. And sometimes, the way they react can be hilarious! Ever seen a dog looking in a mirror, seeing a spider for the first time, or watching other dogs on TV? A great reminder as you go about normal life that they are such a special addition to your family that we sometimes take for granted.


Happy dog

7. In-built security

Whether your dog is a tiny Chihuahua or a great big Newfoundland, or somewhere in between, most have one thing in common. They will bark at unfamiliar noises, a great deterrent for any opportunist thieves. So, in reality, they may be super-soft and slobber all over intruders, but hopefully their bark would be enough to prevent any attempt to enter your property in the first place.


Guard dog

8. Dogs are super intelligent

The saying ‘You can’t teach a dog new tricks’ simply isn’t true. Dogs love to please their owners and can learn new things at any age, so why not start introducing new commands to your pups now, it’s a great way to give them mental exercise. Dogs can supposedly differentiate between over 200 objects, which is why I name all of Bella’s toys, so she knows which one to get when I ask for it.


Clever dog

9. No hidden agenda

Well except for the occasional manipulation to get some treats, dogs have no ulterior motives. They love you as family and that’s it – simples.


10. They appreciate everything

Those flowers that you walk past every day and don’t notice, your dog will take the time to sniff and enjoy – every day. A simple trip in the car to the park can be uber-exciting, and a new toy every now and then is just awesome!


11. They love fun

Dogs love it when you ditch the serious side for a bit of silliness. Our silly thing at the moment is the Shark Song, it’s one of those songs that gets stuck in your head for ever. Luckily Bella gets super-excited when I sing and do the moves – of course when no humans are watching!


Dog Exercise

12. The best cuddle buddy ever

Dogs are great to cuddle up with after a long day, and they keep your bed warm too! It’s just pawfect relaxing on the sofa with a movie on the TV, some tasty snacks and your furry friend cuddled up next to you. Bliss.


Cuddly Dog


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