Visiting Dog Friendly Cornwall

We all know how inquisitive and eager for new experiences our four-legged friends are, and that’s one of the reasons we built The Canine Directory.

We want to create as many new experiences and happy memories for Bella (and as many other pooches) as possible, and it melts my heart seeing the excitement in her little eyes when she goes somewhere new.

So, last week we visited loads of places in Cornwall so that we can add tons more listings to our website.

The beauty of Cornwall is that it’s so dog friendly, you’d be surprised at how many places they are welcomed with open arms – I know I was.  So, after we’d finished splashing around in the stunning waters at Caerhays, St Austell for an hour or two, we decided to take a trip to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary at Helston.

On arrival, we (Bella included) were all greeted by a friendly member of staff who gave us all the information we needed to set off exploring.

From the outside, the Sanctuary looks tiny, so I was expecting to see a handful of seals and not much else, but when we started going around I soon realized you could easily spend a few hours here.  The Café looked great, although we didn’t stop to sample their menu as it was packed and we had other places to visit.  There was a big play area for children, a rock-pool education zone and a large paddock with a range of farm animals to meet.

Bella was in her element, there were lots of other dogs to say hello to and a lovely woodland walk down to the pools.

Once we got down to the main sanctuary area there were loads of pools with different seals, sea lions and penguins at different stages of recovery / rehabilitation.  There was also a hospital for treating the sick animals – this was the only place that dogs weren’t allowed to go, and a short walk away there was an otter’s creek.

It was lovely to see the animals being so well cared for while they recovered from various experiences and Bella loved being able to get so close to these wonderful creatures – they were really interested in her too, thankfully the glass barriers provided enough protection to prevent any incidents!

She was intrigued by the penguins, and probably a little bit jealous that they were getting fed whole fish, and she loved the noise the otters made as they ran around their enclosure.

Dog Friendly Cornwall  Dog Friendly Cornwall

All in all, it was a great afternoon out.  We’d definitely go back and would highly recommend popping in if you’re in the area.  Once you’ve bought your ticket you can re-use it as many times as you like for the next year.

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