UK Snakes Dangerous to Dogs
Are UK Snake Bites Dangerous to Dogs?
In short, yes, they can pose a real risk to your four-legged companions.  While it is relatively unlikely that you
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What is Home Boarding?
When you’re going away either on holiday or with work, it can be hard to know where to get the
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Enclosed Dog Walking Facilities
The Canine Directory is a continually growing, online directory that promotes dog friendly businesses to encourage greater enrichment activities for
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Canine First Aid - Rhodes 2 Safety
Canine Autism – By Kerry Rhodes
Written by guest blogger Kerry Rhodes from Rhodes 2 Safety CANINE AUTISM – is it a real thing? Am I
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Canine First Aid – Would You Know What to do in an Emergency?
Canine First Aid With over 8 million pet dogs in the UK, the need for professionals and dog owners to
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Canine Massage Therapy
The Canine Directory is continually expanding and promotes thousands of dog friendly businesses to encourage greater enrichment activities and health
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Judy, A Dog in a Million – Damien Lewis
As a nation of dog lovers, the old adage, ‘Dogs are a man’s best friend’, rings true with so many
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Christmas food bad for dogs
Festive Foods that are Toxic for Dogs
With Christmas just around the corner many of us will be starting to plan out our festive menus, and thinking
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Seasonal Canine Illness (SCI)
Seasonal Canine Illness
Seasonal Canine Illness (SCI) Autumn is a beautiful time of year, with the colours changing and the crisp temperatures setting
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Dogs are mans best friend
Dogs are a Man’s Best Friend
The saying ‘dogs are a man’s best friend’  has been around for centuries, simply because it’s true. Over the eras
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