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Canine First Aid

With over 8 million pet dogs in the UK, the need for professionals and dog owners to be trained and prepared to perform Canine First Aid on their dogs is really on the rise.

If your own dog, or a dog in your professional care was hit by a car, injured itself on a walk or suddenly fell poorly would you know what to do? Would you freeze and panic, or would you be able to give the dog its best chance of survival?

The best thing we can do as owners and pet professionals is to prepare ourselves for emergencies that hopefully would never happen. But if they do, we want to be trained to deliver the correct emergency first aid to allow us time to access veterinary care for further treatment or assessment.

Dog First Aid

There are countless situations that pet owners or professionals can find themselves faced with. Ranging from simple cuts that just need cleaning and dressing, or much worse; a tennis ball stuck in the dogs’ throat.  Canine First Aid training can help you understand how best to respond to different situations.

It’s important to note, that in many circumstances, veterinary intervention will still form a vital step in the recovery of your dog.  But being able to perform emergency Canine First Aid, may just save their lives. For example, you may need to effectively stem a bleed, remove an obstruction from their airways, or even perform CPR before getting them to a vets.

What is Canine First Aid?

We’ve teamed up with Kerry Rhodes from Rhodes 2 Safety (as seen on TV!) to talk about the importance of being able to provide first aid for your dogs in the event of an emergency.

Canine First Aid - Rhodes 2 Safety

Voted the UK’s BEST CANINE FIRST AID TRAINING COMPANY at both the 2017 and 2018 Business Excellence Awards, Rhodes 2 Safety is leading the way in training professionals and dog owners across the UK to safely and confidently deliver first aid to their dogs.

Kerry Rhodes commented “Being a canine first aider can be a daunting responsibility.  Accidents and illnesses can happen at home or out and about at any time.  So, gaining the best quality training is really important. Our training is designed not only to give you the vital skills needed to safely administer Canine First Aid, but also to build your confidence.

To get the most out of our training, we want you to remember what you’ve learnt long after you’ve left the classroom.  So, we make sure that our sessions are fun and lively, and we even have a team of ‘Capable Canines’ who take part so you can see real demonstrations on our wonderfully-natured Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Our training is a mix of theory and practical elements and covers a wide range of treatments, including Artificial Respiration, CPR, Choking, Shock, Bleeding, Burns, Stings, Ticks, Road Traffic Accidents, Wound Recognition, bandaging and pressure dressings.

We’ve had lots of past students get in touch to tell us about how the training has helped them in real emergency situations, and without training the outcomes could have been much worse.

As dog lovers ourselves, it is important to us that we make our training accessible to all dog owners as well as professionals, so we keep our prices low at just £45 each.  And for that price we guarantee exceptionally high-quality training, you will also have loads of fun, you’ll develop the skills and confidence you need to practice canine first aid, and you’ll receive a certificate to validate your new skills.”

Canine First Aid Demo

Where can I do a Canine First Aid course?

Do you think you could benefit from a Canine First Aid course?  You can book onto a Rhodes 2 Safety course here or visit to find other providers.

Have you had to administer canine first aid?  Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

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