I know I’m biased, but Bella is such a beautiful little girl, and it’s just such a wonderful thing watching her grow up and seeing how she handles different situations and emotions.

She turns 2 in October and is developing into the perfect little Labrador.  She has oodles of character, a very strong mind, is super independent (when she wants to be!) and just loves life.  Everything about her is super cute, but I wanted to share her most adorable traits:


Those puppy dog eyes.

I think she knows how gorgeous she is, and that one simple, wide-eyed gaze will pretty much get her anything she wants.

She’s super cuddly.

Bella loves a movie night as much as the next person.  As soon as I lay on the sofa, she uses her nose to shove me over so she can cuddle up behind me – super cute.  Ever since being a baby she’s always liked her cuddles!


Cuddly Bella

She can even tell the time.

She knows exactly when dinner time is, and if you’re a few minutes late she soon lets you know.

Her cheeky streak.

You just know when her mischievous side is about to appear, her expression changes, she’ll yap and grunt, and then run off with the nearest thing she shouldn’t have.  Normally a shoe or a cushion, one of her favourite games is ‘Chase Me’.

She wants everyone to be her friend.

Bella loves everyone, so she thinks everyone should love her too (I have to say I agree with her!).  So whether it’s a person in the street, a cat, a bird or another dog, she desperately wants to make friends.

The Best Listener.

Because me and my husband work opposite hours we hardly see each other, so I tend to speak more to Bella than I do him.  But she’s great at listening and sometimes I think she understands every word!

She’s a Water Baby.

Whether it’s a puddle, her paddling pool, the hydro pool or the sea, Bella is at her happiest when she’s in the water.  She even gets super excited when it’s raining, she knows it means PUDDLES and SPLASHING!

She’s a Grade A Student (when she wants to be!)

She was top of her class at puppy school, and even now we do training sessions at night (mostly for fun) and she can learn anything new you teach her.  Trouble is she chooses whether or not she wants to put it into practice.  ‘Heel’ goes completely out of the window when we’re walking to the beach.


Bella Running

She’s such a sleeping beauty.

Bella can go from an adorable, peaceful slumber to full on, snoring, kicking, growling monster in 10 seconds.  But it’s still so cute to watch.

Everything is so exciting.

She has a love for life that is so inspiring.  Her little tail is like a super-powered propeller and she manages to find fun and excitement in even the littlest things.  Definitely a great reminder of how precious life is and how to make the most out of what we have!

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